A guide to additional German media

Looking for additional German resources? We have your guide to dictionaries, learning grammar, and more…

Leo.org – a German-English dictionary

  • Available at dict.leo.org, this online dictionary is useful for learners of all levels of German.
  • The Leo web dictionary is a useful online dictionary that provides single word translations for words, as well phrases that demonstrate use of possible translations. Also provided are the important imperfect and past participle forms of the verb. If there is doubt as to the best translation, you may quickly and easily post a question in the forum for assistance by other users. This free advice is considered unverified, but is many times of good quality.

English-German Dictionary

  • Available at www.dict.cc, this online dictionary is useful for learners of all levels of German.
  • This is another excellent web dictionary that provides single word translations, as well as phrases, that utilize translated equivalents in German or English. For any given phrase, you may click any word and be directed to that word’s meanings and uses. Also, you may click on the sidebar next to a word, and choose to be directed to any number of other online German/English, English/German dictionaries to see their translation. While there is a disclaimer for all translations, especially those which have not been verified by the site management, the translation are generally accurate for direct and colloquial translations.


German Weekly News Magazine

  • Der Spiegel is the German online version of the weekly news magazine “Der Spiegel”.
  • This same news source can be viewed in English.

Daily Online German Newspaper

German Weekly Newspaper

  • Die Zeit” is a German weekly newspaper, highly respected for its quality journalism.

Online German Radio

  • Deutsche Welle” is Germany’s international radio broadcaster.
  • Read articles online or listen to Deutsche Welle Radio. The website can be read in 30 different languages.

Nature, Science, and Society

  • Geo” is the German equivalent of “National Geographic”.
  • Read articles about nature, science and society.

Children’s Evening News

  • Watch or read the evening news, in a simpler version for children.
  • The website offers links to other websites where news , politics and culture are explained in simpler terms

Current News for Children

Mein Deutschbuch

  • Available at www.mein-deutschbuch.de: Online exercises on grammar and vocabulary.
  • A well-organized, easy-to-use, comprehensive website for youth and adult learners.

Digital Dialects

Adventure German – The Mystery of Nebra

  • This virtual adventure game in German through the Goethe-Institut Learning German.
  • Having an exciting adventure, solving apuzzling mystery, and learning German all at once, on your smarthone, tablet or on the web.

Vocabulary Games

Various German Language Learning Games

  • Learn German at Game Zone II by play hangman, memory games, and more!

Various Puzzles, Brain Teasers and More

  • The Rätselstunde offers crossword puzzles, brain teasers and more for intermediate to advanced German learners of all ages

German Spelling

  • Availble at www.neue-rechtschreibung.de, if you are serious about diving into the mysteries of German spelling (and the spelling reform) this is the site for you.
  • For advanced learners.


  • Available at www.verbix.com, this guide to verbs is useful for learners of all levels of German.
  • Site provides an accurate conjugation for regular and irregular verbs with highlighting for irregular forms. This resource is highly recommended, even if you are not yet familiar with all the tenses.

Watch German Language Movies

  • There are several possibilities (fee-based or free) to watch German language movies (with English subtitles) online.
  • Check out europeanmovies.org to find lists of German movies worth watching and ways to bring them to your home.

About German

  • Available at german.about.com, this general resource on all things pertaining to German is useful for learners of all levels of German.
  • The About.com German resources are extremely varied and run the gamut from well-explained grammar lessons, to dual-language fairy tales; from useful tips and advice on starting to learn German to explanations on language certificate programs. Whether you are looking for some specific information, or just browsing for interesting practice for your new language, we encourage you to take a look at what this site has to offer.

German Music and Sport

  • Step into German allows you to enter the worlds of German music and Germany’s most popular sport, soccer.
  • Offered by the Goethe-Institut’s “Learning German” site.

Cultural Videos from Germany

  • KuBus is a collection of video contributions on cultural and societal life in Germany.
  • Offered by the Goethe-Institut’s “Learning German” site.

German Poetry

  • The site www.deutschelyrik.de allows you to Read – and listen to – more than 500 highlights of German poetry.

Politics for Children

  • HanisauLand has politics, explained so children can understand.

Facts and Fun for Kids

  • Lernspaß für Kinder is a great resource to find facts about topics like”Deutsche Bundesländer”, “Natur/ Geografie”, “Politik/ Geschichte”, “Sport”, and more.
  • Interesting not only for children, but for adults as well!

Project Gutenberg

  • Available at www.gutenberg.org, this compliation of free and legal ebooks is useful for learners of all levels of German, but mostly advanced students.
  • Site provides an extensive and legal repository for free ebooks (25,000) in various formats. This elibrary is useful for foreign language books as well, and if you are a student of German, you may want to build you German “library” through this inexpensive and paperless resource.