Our Board of Directors

The German Language School of the North Bay is administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that is dedicated to running the school. The Board members take care of all administrative functions regarding the school. The Board of Directors is elected annually and all members (parents of enrolled children and adult students) of the German Language School of the North Bay are eligible to vote for and serve on the Board.

Each Board member is responsible for managing an administrative area of the school. Additionally, each Board member attends the General Membership Meetings, assists with and attends as many school functions as possible, participates in the Board meetings, and assists with tasks during school hours. Contact us if you are interested in joining the Board of Directors.

Our officers:

  • Pablo Päster – President
  • Marcus Kubath – Vice President
  • Insa Simon-Graham – Treasurer
  • Christine Campbell – Secretary

Our directors:

  • Santa Rosa Marketing Manager – Sharon Renwick
  • Novato Marketing Manager – Sonja Scharrer
  • Events Manager – Suzanne Parris
  • Fundraising Manager – Phillip Schlenker
  • Outreach Manager – Carolyn Bopp
  • Santa Rosa Campus Manager – Venesa Kubath
  • Teacher Representative – Angelika Quirk / Fanny Jasper / Carola Bartz