Guten Tag!

On behalf of the staff and board members at the German Language School of the North Bay, I hope you all had a wonderful summer. We have been working hard for the last few months to make this year the very best ever and we are so looking forward to seeing you all again this semester.

You won’t want to miss out on this year as we have added several new AMAZING teachers who are super excited to pass on this great language and cultures our students represent. We just had the opportunity to attend the annual German American School Association of Northern California (GASANC) Workshop and experienced so many great new techniques and topics that we all can’t wait to share.

One thing that has been very clear to me this summer is that the relationships we foster are the heart of our school. We are more than just a bunch of people coming to a place to learn German, we are a community. The friendships that thrive each and every Saturday are ones that I myself have missed for the last few months and I’m extremely excited to see everyone again. I am delighted to serve this wonderful school as President of the Board.

Mit vielen Grüßen,

Marcus Kubath