In addition to your online German class, we have some resources to help you! Keep up your German learning at home, we have put together a list of some of the online resources available to everyone. These are just some of the resources available – there are many more out there! We’ll keep working on this list, so stay tuned for more resources.

Younger Kids

Elementary to Middle School

  • Goethe Kinderuni lets you create a free account and become a student at the “Kids’ University” where you can learn about nature and technology.
  • Lingo Kids: Mitmachweb für Kinder where you can read and hear about various topics and take quizzes about what you have learned.

High School and Adults

  • Deutschlandlabor: Watch videos to learn about Germany and the Germans (Language level A2 and up).
  • Step into German for Soccer, Movies, Songs, Culture
  • Watch “Ticket nach Berlin” videos where you can follow a group of young people who discover Germany (Amazing Race style). Each video comes with online exercises and immediate feedback. (Language level B1 and up)
  • Telenovela “Jojo sucht das Glück” (language level B1 and up)

Grammar for Middle School to Adult