About Our Children & Teen Classes

Our Fall 2020 classes are all online! We’ve worked hard over the summer to refine and tailor our classes to the online learning environment. Our children and teen classes are divided into levels with efforts to ensure that the age difference is no more than three years within each classroom. Rather than corresponding to public school grade levels, our classes are grouped by language proficiency as well as age. This allows more flexibility in assigning students into a level that will challenge them at their own pace while promoting confidence and self-esteem within our engaging and sound scholastic environment. Below are the classes we offer at each campus. Click on the tabs below to view a description of each class.

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Our Classes for Fall 2020

All our classes are being taught online for the Fall 2020 semester. We’ve worked hard to refine our classes so we can offer our students a great online learning experience!

Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)

In this one hour class, children approach the German language in a playful, hands-on way. Through poems, games, songs and rhymes, storybooks, and art projects, the children learn basic vocabulary and grammar – all activities adapted to remote learning! Lessons revolve around themes like family, animals, colors, food, clothing, body, nature, months, weekdays, seasons, and holidays.

All language levels welcome!

Youth Grade 1 (Ages 6-7)

In this one hour class, German is all about “learning by doing”! Children play games, craft, learn songs and rhymes, and encounter German in an intuitive way. While the class still heavily emphasizes the spoken language, the children are also introduced to the German letter/ sounds system in a careful, age-appropriate way, and learn to read and write their first words in German.

All language levels welcome!

Youth Grade 2-3 (Ages 7-8)

In this level, children reinforce and build on vocabulary learned in lower grades, such as: knowing the German alphabet, numbers, colors, days, months, basic greetings and counting, asking and answering simple questions. The spoken language still plays a predominant role in this class, but the children also expand their reading and writing skills. Culture and holiday tradition in German speaking countries is explored through songs, poems and crafts.

All language levels welcome!

Youth Grade 4-5 (Ages 9-11)

Students in this class will strengthen all four language skill levels: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They learn to understand age-appropriate texts and audios, play vocabulary and grammar games, write their own stories in German, and explore the culture of German speaking countries through project-based learning. Students in this class are given the opportunity to take the “Internationale Vergleichsarbeit A1” (Level A1 German exam for children) in spring.

Youth Grade 5+ Beginner & Intermediate (Ages 9 and up)

Typically this class is designed for students grade 5 and up, with no or very little prior knowledge of German, however the class grade level can be adjusted depending on the students. With the help of age-appropriate themes and activities, students will acquire basic skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing, and also learn about the German culture. Depending on study intensity and age, students will be able to move up to one of the regular classes for youth or adult (depending on the student’s age) after approximately two years. Students in this class have the opportunity to participate in the AATG National German Exam Competition (Level I).

Youth Grade 6-8 Exam Prep (Age 11-14)

This class is geared towards students with intermediate (or higher) knowledge of German, and is taught entirely in German. Throughout the school year, students in this level will learn to maintain a fluent conversation in German about everyday topics. They will read and understand more complex texts and audios, and will work on their writing skills, using correct spelling and grammar.

Students in this class have the opportunity to take the “Internationale Vergleichsarbeit A2” (Level A2 German exam for youth), and they also participate in the AATG National German Exam Competition (Level 1 and 2).

Youth Grade 9+ Exam Prep (Age 14 and up)

This class is geared towards students with advanced knowledge of German, and is taught entirely in German. In this level, students will explore the German language and culture through various types of texts and audios, such as newspaper articles, poems, short fiction, podcasts, video clips, etc. They will write letters, persuasive essays, and summaries, using complex sentence structure. They will learn to give oral reports on subjects of interest, using advanced language that reflects new vocabulary words.

The curriculum prepares students for the “Deutsche Sprachdiplom I” (DSD I – German Language Diploma Level I), the AP German Exam, and the SAT Subject Test German.

Students also participate in the AATG National German Exam Competition (Level 3 and 4).