Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your classes being held in-person or online?

Due to the worldwide pandemic, we are offering our classes for the Spring 2021 semester entirely online. We are monitoring the situation and will offer classes in-person for future semesters once it is safe to do so again.

Will there be changes to the weekday and start time of classes?

Classes will be held as usual on Saturday mornings. Classes will start at either 9.30 am or 10.30 am, depending on the class. View our course offerings here.

Will the online classes be priced the same as regular physical classes?

We strive to keep our tuition cost low. During the time our classes are exclusively online, we will be offering a $40 discount per student on tuition. A list of our tuition and fees can be found here.

Do you have a discount for enrolling additional siblings?

We strive to keep our tuition cost low for every student, therefore we do not offer an additional sibling discount.

How old must my child be to enroll in class?

The minimum age for our students is 3-years-old.

What should I generally expect from online classes vs. physical classes?

The online classes are taught via Zoom. Google Classroom is used to organize classwork and information. Online classes are slightly shorter in time than the usual in-person classes, the number of students is capped, and certain elements that work better with online teaching are emphasized. Objectives for each class have been refined and are described in the class descriptions on our course catalog. Our teachers have been trained to teach online. We are continuously evolving the online classes based on student and teacher feedback, as well as best-practice sharing with other German language schools.

What is the parent’s role?

In the PreK–Youth Grade 6-8 classes, parents should plan to help the child in preparing the materials for the class, setting up the computer and Zoom meeting, and ideally review and practice the lesson material in between classes. The teacher will make lesson plans and required materials available in advance. The lesson plans can evolve based on the class and students’ needs, as well as feedback and insights the teacher gains as the class progresses. Students/parents will be able to contact the teacher with any questions or concerns. In the high school-aged classes, the parent still plays an important supportive role to help the student be prepared for the lesson and ensure follow-through on his or her assignments.

Will students still be able to prepare for exams in certain classes?

Yes! We will still be offering exam preparation for our youth students in grades 4 – high school (see our class descriptions for more details). The format of the exams may be different than usual, however, depending on health guidelines at the time of the exam.

What setup is required for learning success during the online class?

For all students, please ensure you have a quiet space without background noises. For parents with younger children, please ensure that your child is not being distracted by siblings or pets. It is important to have a stable connection for the Zoom meeting that allows video conferencing, as teachers may not be able to stop the flow of the class if a student has technical difficulties. In the event that you experience connectivity issues, we recommend ensuring that you close all unnecessary apps on your device and that others in the household limit their wifi usage during class time. Make sure younger children have eaten beforehand, as snack breaks during class may not be possible.

How can I connect with the teacher and classmates outside the lesson time on Zoom?

Students will have access to Google Classroom. This will allow you to track classwork, any feedback your teacher might want to share, resources, and interact in the class stream or via email.

Are textbooks and other instructional materials required?

Some classes will be working with a physical textbook which you can order at the time of registration and pick up “contactless” on a pick-up day at the beginning of the school year or students can purchase the textbooks on their own. For those classes not using a textbook, the teacher is will provide all material through Google Classroom, which students print out prior to each class.

Will there be any physical events like Laternefest and Winterfest?

We are working on plans for different scenarios, knowing that it is hard right now to predict what the situation will be later in the year. Our school community thrives and lives from these experiences where everyone can connect and get to know each other. If you’d like to get involved and volunteer, your teacher will be able to connect you or please email us.

Are the German Language School of Marin and the German Language School of the North Bay the same school?

Yes, we changed our name from German Language School of Marin to German Language School of the North Bay to better reflect the counties we serve. Our school was founded in 1967 in Novato and our Santa Rosa Campus opened in 2014.

Is the school a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations to our school are tax-deductible (when they qualify in accordance with the law).

Can I donate German books, media, and items to the school?

Yes, we accept donations of German books and goods. Contact us for more information.


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