Why Learn German?

Whatever plans you may have for the future – learning German will increase your options:

German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union. There are more than 350,000 international students in Germany (2020). Germany boasts the largest Economy in Europe and the 4th largest economy worldwide with a high academic standard and standard of living. Germany offers very strong international focus as well as excellent career opportunities.

Study in Germany:

Studying in Germany is (almost) tuition free with tuition costs below $1000 per year for US students for most Bachelor and Master programs. Check out some resources for studying in Germany here.

Highest lifetime earnings bonus for any foreign language:

MIT economist Albert Saiz calculated that the average lifetime earnings bonus for an American college graduate who learns German is $128,000 (compared to French: $77K, for Spanish: $51K). Check out the full article in the Economist here.

Learn about your heritage:

One out of every four Americans nationwide has German heritage. German-Americans have made a lot of contributions to our country and were integral to the development of the Bay Area and United States.

Ready to get started?

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Classes for Adults

Whether you’re considering personal, academic, or professional goals, we offer outstanding adult classes designed for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students may select any of our high-quality classes that best suits their proficiency with the language. Not sure where you will best fit? Our instructors will assist you in choosing the best class environment for your needs. To promote language fluency, our dynamic curriculum will address: vocabulary building, listening and reading comprehension, composition abilities, speech fluency, and language use training. With motivation, desire, and creative activities, we will help each and every student improve in the knowledge, love and application of the German language.

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Children & Teens

Our children and teen classes are divided into levels with efforts to insure that the age difference is no more than three years within each classroom. Rather than corresponding to public school grade levels, our classes are grouped by language proficiency as well as age. This allows more flexibility in assigning students into a level that will challenge them at their own pace while promoting confidence and self-esteem within our engaging and sound scholastic environment.

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Class Days and Times

Our classes meet Saturday mornings (excluding holidays) from 9:30am until noon at both campuses. Please see our calendar for the Saturdays school is in session or download our complete calendar (PDF). For questions, feel free to contact us.