Tuition & Fees

As a small, non-profit school, we strive to keep our tuition and fees as simple and reasonable as possible for our families. Below is a list of our tuition and fees:

Membership Fee

Our school is a member-based organization. Membership is per family. A member is parent of a minor student or an adult student who is currently enrolled at our school. By being a member, you can register yourself, your children, or family members in our classes and you also have the ability to vote on motions raised at our Annual and Special Membership Meetings (each family has one vote). Additionally, there are many events that our members can attend at no cost.

  • The membership fee is $25 per family per year. You will only pay this fee once per year and all of your family’s enrolled students is included in the one fee.


Tuition helps us cover our operating costs. Tuition is charge per semester per student enrolled. We keep tuition low for every student, therefore we do not have an additional student discount.

  • The cost of tuition is $380 per student per semester.

Processing Fee

We require a small processing fee, which helps us cover a portion of our banking costs. The processing fee is charged per semester per student enrolled.

  • The processing fee is $10 per student per semester.


Most of our classes use a textbook and/or workbook to accompany learning. Students typically only need to purchase a book/workbook once per year and we strive to keep the cost low. Book prices vary depending on the class. Books can be purchased when registering or students can purchase the book for their class themselves. Books do not need to be purchased until the student is sure of which class they will be attending.

  • Book prices vary depending on the class.

Materials Fee

Some of our classes do not use a textbook, but rather use crafts or supplemental materials to aide in learning. Materials fees are charged per student per semester and are kept low.

  • Materials fees are only charged for certain classes and vary depending on the class.


You can easily enroll for classes online. Payment can be made online after you have chosen classes. Simply follow the instructions to make your payment. We can help you enroll and can accept cash or check in person if you are unable to pay online.

Have questions or need help?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us by email or phone (415.897.9771) if you have any questions or need assistance. We’re happy to help you!


Ready to register for class? Our online registration makes it easy! Simply visit our registration page for more information, classes available, and how to register.

Learn more about registering here.

Visiting and Tours

Interested in taking German classes, but want to see what we have to offer first? You’re welcome to come to our school, check out our classes for one morning, and then sign-up if it is a good fit for you.

Learn more about visiting our school.


To help you easily and quickly get answers, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you. You are also welcome to contact us.

View our FAQs here.

Class Days and Times

Our classes meet Saturday mornings (excluding holidays) from 9:30am until noon at both campuses. Please see our calendar for the Saturdays school is in session or download our complete calendar (PDF). For questions, feel free to contact us.